Kanthari Dream Speech 2013

vellayaniDear Friends,

Every journey in life has a destination and at the destination, we need to show the outcome of the journey. The day to show the outcome of my 7 months trip to India has come and that day is today. We have practised and prepared, again and again for this day and now the hours count down.

The dream speeches have been going on everyday from Monday and today is the last day. I am the last speaker for today and this year and I am a little bit nervous; not because I’m unprepared, but because all my colleagues have simply been amazing so far. With the heights of eloquence they have shown and the level of performance they have given, I shudder at meeting up with them, but not that alone. I have come to be synonymous with good speeches since the training started and I am expected make an electric ending for this year, the expectations and the excellence shown by my peers so far is piling pressure on me and I decided to come drop a note here for you all to relieve me a bit.

The speeches start at 2:30pm IST today, but I will only come onstage at 5:45pm Indian Standard Time (IST). After the 15 minutes speech, then I will have to face gruelling questions from panellists both offline in India and online from different parts of the world.

The speeches are being live streamed and you can watch it live from http://www.kanthari.org/live or http://www.livestream.com/iise

Finally, its 10:45am now and I will be on stage in 7 hours. I gotta rush for a swim in the Vellayani Lake at the back of the campus; I guess a 1 hour rendezvous in the lake will do me some good



2 responses to “Kanthari Dream Speech 2013

  1. I am so glad and thank God for your life, you will neither fail, nor fade, you will neither fall or falter, it shall be well with you IJN


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